Our Projects – نشاطاتنا – Nos Projets

  • Open the Mic افتحوا المايك

A monthly event featuring Arab talent in Montreal

“Open the Mic” is a monthly open microphone event for artists of Arabic origin and friends, to celebrate their talent with the community through a diverse range of arts, including but not limited to storytelling, poetry, singing, music, stand-up comedy, and short videos. The purpose of the project is to discover, engage, and empower Arab talent in the city. Accordingly, every second Thursday of the month, we take the event to a new neighborhood in Montreal, where we occupy a place (usually a cafe or a bar), and we invite the community to celebrate art together. The project started in January 2019 and has been going on ever since with all full house performances. The community is growing day after  day.


  • Haram party – حرام بارتي

A night to celebrate our uniqueness and dance our hearts out to Arabic beats

A night to celebrate our uniqueness and dance our hearts out to Arabic beats! Haram Party is a shiny invitation for Middle Eastern & Arab friends, fam & peeps in Montreal to mindlessly celebrate and connect! Featuring a mix of music from east to west: an assemblage of Rai, Egyptian, Lebanese, Khalij where old and modern fuse in an uplifting experience. Come out and dance with us on a mix of the best modern and traditional Arabic records of all time! If it’s Haram… It’s gotta be good!


  • Wednesday, Week’s Middle Finger الإربعا بنصّ الجمعة

A yearly initiative that brings together multidisciplinary artists from Arab origin to work together, experiment, and express their thoughts and ideas through art in its diverse form. An artistic performance is produced and presented to the public as a result of this collaboration, co-creation, co-curation, and experimentation.