Shou Productions شو للإنتاج

Shou Productions is the production house of Abjad Howse.

We work together to build strategies that realize your organizational goals. We enhance your communication platforms and transform them into dynamic spaces that tell your story with emotional and innovative sparks. Your brand is the soul of your organization; it is the concise icon that represents everything the organization is and does. Together, we define your organization’s character, intent, and actions, from the heights of vision to the critical realities of everyday operations. We think and reflect together. We invest in ongoing feedback and revisions until we end up with a refine and applicable agenda.


We strip your brand down before we dress it up again, find its heart, and allow the heart to tell its story.The goal is to craft a brand that appeals to the emotional state of consumers, as well as their needs and aspirations. We build the brand experience by considering every message, every connection, and every contact that a person has with your brand (touchpoints). We work closely with your talent and serve as an extension to your team to unlock the hidden energies of your brand, and stand out from competition.


Brands are sponges for content and personal experiences. They absorb connotations and associations on a constant basis. From concept creation to execution, we tell your story through video productions and visual designs that illustrates the depth and breadth of your brand. We design identities, stationery, websites, newsletters, customized campaigns, brochures, invitations, posters, infographics, illustration, packaging, advertisements, exhibitions, banners, signage, annual reports, magazines, social media graphics, and other specific marketing material. Simply put, we cater for all forms of communication that your company initiate to resonate with the audience.

We design, plan, and execute well-crafted events that project your brand’s story and enable the brand to give and receive love with its fans. We craft experiences that project the right voice and meaning, and connect to human emotions.