Standup Comedy at Abjad Howse كوميديا من ابجد هوّز

Stand Up Comedy in Arabic

Five stand up comedians from Abjad Howse championed  a standup Comedy performance organized by the Arab Canadian Cultural Center on Thursday June 20, 2019 at Club Insiders (anti-café/co-work) in Montreal . For the first time in Montreal, an all Arab stand up comedy show was  produced and attended by nearly inter-generational audience of nearly 60 people.

Karim Hamdy, Rania EL Helou, Elias Sadkny, Sandy EL Bitar, and Johnny El Hage put together a 50 minute performance in Arabic language to start together an expected long term journey of Arabic stand-up comedy in north America.


أحيا خمسة من الممثلين الكوميديين في أبجد هوّز عرض ستاند أب  كوميدي نظمه المركز الثقافي العربي الكندي يوم الخميس 20 حزيران 2019 في نادي “الكلوب إنسايدر” في مونتريال. ولأول مرة في مونتريال، تم إنتاج عرض كوميدي عربي كامل وحضره ما يقارب ال  60 شخص من الجمهور

قدم كريم حمدي ، رانيا الحلو ، إلياس صدقني ، ساندي البيطار ، وجوني الحاج عرضًا مدته 50 دقيقة في اللغة العربية لبدء رحلة طويلة متوقعة من الكوميديا العربية في أمريكا الشمالية


Cinq humoristes de Abjad Howse ont présenté un spectacle humoristique organisé par le Centre Culturel Arabe Canadien le Jeudi 20 Juin 2019 au Club Insiders (anti-café / co-travail) à Montréal. Pour la première fois à Montréal, un spectacle d’humour entièrement en Arabe a été produit et a attiré un public intergénérationnel de presque 60 personnes.

Karim Hamdy, Rania EL Helou, Elias Sadkny, Sandy EL Bitar et Johnny El Hage ont présenté une performance de 50 minutes en langue Arabe pour commencer un long parcours de la comédie Arabe en Amérique du Nord.

الإربعا بنصّ الجمعة – Wednesday, The Week’s Middle Finger


AbjadHowse will be taking part in “Making Arts Making Politics“, a project initiated by Concordia University in partnership with “The Alternative” political party from Denmark, and Entremise. from Montreal.

This participation will be an opportunity to try a prototype of a co-creative workshop for the  “Wednesday, The Week’s Middle Finger – الإربعا بنصّ الجمعة ” initiative that will launch in January, 2019.  The co-creative workshop will bring together artists from Arab origin to work together, experiment, and express their thoughts and ideas through art in its diverse form.

The prototype workshop will take place on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 6pm for a period of 3 hours (until 9pm) at Pavilion Canada, Park Jean Drapeau (5 minutes walk from the Casino). A group of artists  will be leaving from Guy-Concordia Metro station (Guy and Maisonneuve) at 5:30pm on that day.

The purpose of “Making Arts Making Politics” is to share across diverse artistic and political platforms our modes and methods that we use to create community, to share ideas, to motivate action, and to enhance the individual and collective sense of self in society..

Who is The Alternative?
The Alternative is a generous, action-oriented international party based in Denmark that has a special focus on creating serious sustainable transition, introducing a new political culture, and harnessing the entrepreneurial creative power of society and individuals. The Alternative is more than a party. It is also a political movement and a cultural voice. Of particular interest to the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University is the fact that The Alternative is one of the few parties to publicly emphasise the role and significance of culture and art in the development of other life values and life strategies aside from material consumption and financial gain. A very strong cultural and artistic commitment runs through all The Alternative’s political proposals, events and actions which creates verve, dynamics, and a feeling of freedom in everything they say, do, and recommend.

Abjad Howse in Orientalys 2018

Abjad Howse in collaboration with the Consulate of Lebanon in Montreal will be participating in the 8th edition of Orientalys between 2 and 5 August 2018 at the old port of Montreal.
Abjad Howse will transform a 10 x 10 feet tent into a lively space that represents Lebanon in its diverse culture. Art, music, food, poetry, theater, photography, cinematography, and dance will all blend together to portray the richness of the Lebanese culture in Canada and celebrate this richness with the world. Join us and more than 15,000 visitors to celebrate art and culture over a duration of 4 days and 4 nights.
يشارك أبجد هوّز بالتعاون مع قنصلية لبنان في مونتريال في الطبعة الثامنة من أورينتالس في الفترة ما بين 2 و 5 أغسطس 2018 في ميناء مونتريال القديم. سوف يحوّل أبجد هوّز خيمة 10 × 10 أقدام إلى مساحة حيوية تمثل لبنان في ثقافته المتنوعة. سينسجم الفن والموسيقى والطعام والشعر والمسرح والتصوير الفوتوغرافي والتصوير السينمائي والرقص ، كلها مع بعض لتشيد ثراء الثقافة اللبنانية في كندا وتحتفل بهذا الثراء مع العالم.
انضموا إلينا وإلى أكثر من 15000 زائر للاحتفال بالفن والثقافة على مدى 4 أيام و 4 ليال.


Abjad Howse en collaboration avec le Consulat du Liban à Montréal participera à la 8e édition d’Orientalys du 2 au 5 août 2018 au Vieux-Port de Montréal.
Abjad Howse transformera une tente de 10 x 10 pieds en un espace vivant qui représente le Liban dans sa culture diversifiée. L’art, la musique, la gastronomie, la poésie, le théâtre, la photographie, la cinématographie et la danse se mêleront pour représenter la richesse de la culture libanaise au Canada et célébrer cette richesse avec le monde. Rejoignez-nous et plus de 15 000 visiteurs pour célébrer l’art et la culture sur une durée de 4 jours et 4 nuits.

A Comedy Show by Mazen Zahreddine


Depressed and witty to death, Mazen Zahreddine dissects being a Lebanese comedian, Arab-Israeli relations, anti-semitism, Christian traditions, and Islamic teachings. All profoundly important issues that Mazen deal with in customary and total lack of tact.
Jokes about taking an actual cow on a date seamlessly blend with critiques of religious doctrines. Irreverent, disrespectful, highly offensive and utterly hilarious. This is not a show for the easily offended.

When and Where?
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Barfly, 4062 St Laurent Blvd
Montreal, QC H2W

Mazen’s Bio
Mazen Zahreddine was born in Lebanon during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Described as a bit of a dick by his mother, Mazen grew up to be an annoying teenager with a misplaced high sense of worth. He started several bands and started performing his stand up routines in poetry events and open mic nights in Beirut. He quickly rose to the surface and soon enough he became a normal sized fish in a very small pond. He knew then he had to go to the West where all things worthwhile happen. He got married and got a kid to ease the visa process and went with them to the West, that beautiful magical place where all dreams come true. He soon abandoned his family to chase his dream moving to Montreal to become famous. An inspiring story so far that left the world breathless in anticipation.

Thank you for a Wonderful Evening with Marcel and Rami Khalife شكراً على أمسية رائعة مع مارسيل ورامي خليفة

We are glad to to share with you the success of Marcel and Rami Khalife concert that took place on Sunday, April 15, 2018. Abjad Howse had the pleasure to collaborate with the Canadian Arab Heritage Foundation to bring this event to Montreal. Due to the valuable support we received from our partners and collaborators, we had nearly 1600 people coming together at the St.Denis Theater in Montreal to enjoy a special evening that was full of emotions, music, and happiness.
We leave you with few pictures from the concert to commemorate this lovely experience.


يسعدنا أن نطلعكم على نجاح حفل مارسيل ورامي خليفة الذي أقيم يوم الأحد 15 أبريل 2018 في مسرح سانت دينيز في مونتريال. تشرّفت أبجد هاوز بالتعاون مع الملتقى الكندي العربي للتراث لإحضار هذا الحدث إلى المدينة. نظرًا للدعم القيّم الذي تلقيناه من شركائنا والمتعاونين معنا ، كان لدينا 1600 شخص تقريبًا في مسرح سانت دينيز للاستمتاع بأمسية خاصة مليئة بالمشاعر والموسيقى والسعادة. نشارككم ببعض الصور من الحفل لإحياء هذه التجربة الجميلة.


Nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous le succès du concert de Marcel et Rami Khalife qui a eu lieu le dimanche 15 avril 2018. Abjad Howse a eu le plaisir de collaborer avec la Fondation du patrimoine Arabo Canadien pour amener cet événement à Montréal. Grâce a nos précieux partenaires et collaborateurs, nous avons accueilli près de 1600 personnes au Théâtre St.Denis pour une soirée spéciale pleine d’émotions, de musique et de bonheur.

Marcel & Rami Khalife مارسيل ورامي خليفة


Abjad Howse is happy to collaborate with the Canadian Arabic Heritage Foundation to host the Arab legendary Marcel Khalife and his son Rami Khalife at the Saint-Denis Theater in Montreal on April 15, 2018.
You can book your tickets through Abjad Howse and receive a 20% discount on ticket price. Click here to book your tickets.

يتشرّف أبجد هوّز بالتعاون مع الملتقى الكندي العربي للتراث  لاستضافة الأسطورة العربي مارسيل خليفة وابنه رامي خليفة في مسرح سانت دونيز في مونتريال يوم 15 أبريل 2018.يمكنكم حجز تذكرتكم عبر أبجد هوّز والحصول على خصم 20 ٪ من سعر البطاقة. انقر هنا للإستفادة من العرض.

Abjad Howse est heureux de collaborer avec la Canadian Arabic Heritage Foundation pour accueillir le légendaire Arabe Marcel Khalife et son fils Rami Khalife au Théâtre Saint-Denis de Montréal le 15 avril 2018.
Vous pouvez réserver vos billets via Abjad Howse et bénéficier d’une remise de 20% sur le prix du billet. Cliquez ici pour réserver vos billets.