Entreprise Culturelle Abjad Howse | Info@abjadhowse.ca Dokstation Co-Working Space | 1176 Bishop St, Montreal, Quebec H3G 2E3

Why Abjad Howse?

Abjad Howse is an open and safe cultural space that brings together the Arab Canadian communities and their friends to connect, experiment, and voice our different convictions.

We are a community of progressive Arab artists and art enthusiasts who accept differences in their different forms and continuously explore diverse ways to learn about the self and the other.

We stay attached to our roots and highly value the creation of art in the Arabic language.

We approach art as a vehicle to express our ever-changing identities and expand our understanding of Canadian society and the world.

We believe that art and politics are closely interwined. We are invested in what is happening around us in the world and believe that art is a cornerstone to challenge the dominant norms of our societies.

We value collaboration, cooperation, community, change, difference, growth, inclusiveness, solidarity, and playfulness.