Abjad Howse in Orientalys 2018

Abjad Howse in collaboration with the Consulate of Lebanon in Montreal will be participating in the 8th edition of Orientalys between 2 and 5 August 2018 at the old port of Montreal.
Abjad Howse will transform a 10 x 10 feet tent into a lively space that represents Lebanon in its diverse culture. Art, music, food, poetry, theater, photography, cinematography, and dance will all blend together to portray the richness of the Lebanese culture in Canada and celebrate this richness with the world. Join us and more than 15,000 visitors to celebrate art and culture over a duration of 4 days and 4 nights.
يشارك أبجد هوّز بالتعاون مع قنصلية لبنان في مونتريال في الطبعة الثامنة من أورينتالس في الفترة ما بين 2 و 5 أغسطس 2018 في ميناء مونتريال القديم. سوف يحوّل أبجد هوّز خيمة 10 × 10 أقدام إلى مساحة حيوية تمثل لبنان في ثقافته المتنوعة. سينسجم الفن والموسيقى والطعام والشعر والمسرح والتصوير الفوتوغرافي والتصوير السينمائي والرقص ، كلها مع بعض لتشيد ثراء الثقافة اللبنانية في كندا وتحتفل بهذا الثراء مع العالم.
انضموا إلينا وإلى أكثر من 15000 زائر للاحتفال بالفن والثقافة على مدى 4 أيام و 4 ليال.


Abjad Howse en collaboration avec le Consulat du Liban à Montréal participera à la 8e édition d’Orientalys du 2 au 5 août 2018 au Vieux-Port de Montréal.
Abjad Howse transformera une tente de 10 x 10 pieds en un espace vivant qui représente le Liban dans sa culture diversifiée. L’art, la musique, la gastronomie, la poésie, le théâtre, la photographie, la cinématographie et la danse se mêleront pour représenter la richesse de la culture libanaise au Canada et célébrer cette richesse avec le monde. Rejoignez-nous et plus de 15 000 visiteurs pour célébrer l’art et la culture sur une durée de 4 jours et 4 nuits.

A Comedy Show by Mazen Zahreddine


Depressed and witty to death, Mazen Zahreddine dissects being a Lebanese comedian, Arab-Israeli relations, anti-semitism, Christian traditions, and Islamic teachings. All profoundly important issues that Mazen deal with in customary and total lack of tact.
Jokes about taking an actual cow on a date seamlessly blend with critiques of religious doctrines. Irreverent, disrespectful, highly offensive and utterly hilarious. This is not a show for the easily offended.

When and Where?
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Barfly, 4062 St Laurent Blvd
Montreal, QC H2W

Mazen’s Bio
Mazen Zahreddine was born in Lebanon during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Described as a bit of a dick by his mother, Mazen grew up to be an annoying teenager with a misplaced high sense of worth. He started several bands and started performing his stand up routines in poetry events and open mic nights in Beirut. He quickly rose to the surface and soon enough he became a normal sized fish in a very small pond. He knew then he had to go to the West where all things worthwhile happen. He got married and got a kid to ease the visa process and went with them to the West, that beautiful magical place where all dreams come true. He soon abandoned his family to chase his dream moving to Montreal to become famous. An inspiring story so far that left the world breathless in anticipation.